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"Chivas 18 is a sensory experience, blending over 20 of Scotland's rarest single malts, capturing 85 flavours in every drop."
"Pininfarina is Italian style. It's about function meeting aesthetics."
Chivas, world-renowned makers of
luxury scotch whisky
Pininfarina, Italian masters of
innovation, style and design
A partnership between craftsmen of excellence
Continuing a legacy
Achieving harmony through the exceptional
"We wanted to create something that represented the essence of both brands."

Watch the video
Chivas 18 by Pininfarina:
The making of a partnership

Chivas 18 by Pininfarina
Liquid and air
Perfectly balanced
Seamlessy blended
"We wanted to create something that
represented the essence of both brands."

A perfect symbol of collaboration. Liquid
shaped by air. Pininfarina’s mastery of
aerodynamics, combined with the
peerless whisky of Chivas.

Uniting and embodying the passions of
both icons, it is the inspiration behind
three limited edition expressions of the
Watch the video
Chivas 18 by Pininfarina:
A shared vision
The first expression

"It’s been designed to beautifully reflect the perfection of a drop."
Strong graceful lines create a
distinctive and elegant shape.
The detail is essential.
Everything is unique. Each intricacy is a
triumph of partnership.
The crest and the cask. Both with a sleek,
streamlined, metallic finish. The hallmark
of a classic car.
The second expression

"The design's limits have been
pushed, evoking a sense of
movement and speed."

It is The Drop in motion.
At the heart of this expression is an
inlay made of oak, like the barrels whisky
matures in.
A showcase of style and quality.
Each piece is hand-numbered,
a touch of exclusivity.
To complete the experience,
two glasses are included,
their form echoing The Drop.
The Third expression

"The mascherone is a sculpture
intended to celebrate the excellence
of the knowhow, skills and
craftsmanship of the men working
for Chivas and Pininfarina
The Chivas 18 mascherone sculpture
embodies that tradition.
The conceptual made physical.
The epitome of The Drop.
Capturing a moment of balance
between beauty and function.
The elegant dynamics of Pininfarina and
the warm richness of Chivas.
Burnished aluminium wrapped
around an oak frame.
A careful and lovingly crafted blend.
The tension that forms
the heart of balance.
Truly the harmony of the
Watch the video
Chivas 18 by Pininfarina:
The Chivas 18 Mascherone
A story of shared values
“With so much in common, a partnership between us felt instinctive.”
- Paolo Trevisan
Watch the video
Chivas 18 by Pininfarina:
The harmony of the exceptional
Wood lies at the creative heart of both brands. Pininfarina cars were traditionally built around wooden wireframes, known as mascherones. Chivas 18 is aged for eighteen years in oak barrels, which impart subtle flavours and give the whisky its distinctive hue.
Craftsmanship defines Chivas and Pininfarina. The luxury products they produce, from whiskies to watches, are the results of great artisans building by hand, paying attention to detail and taking pride in their work.
The heritage and history of Pininfarina and Chivas runs deep, perfectly demonstrated in the places they call home. The gorgeous Strathisla for Chivas, a distillery founded in 1786, and the town of Turin in Italy for Pininfarina, where they were first established in 1930 by Battista "Pinin" Farina.
Innovation is the lifeblood of icons. Pininfarina continue breaking ground with their design work, from architecture to aviation, while Chivas are constantly evolving, from subtle changes to their crest to the perfection of new blends.